Timeless Recycled Elegance

Exclusive luxury furniture designs made the eco-conscious way.

Antiquate produces one-of-a-kind home furnishings with the intention to reinvent the way we consume and manufacture new products.

By coupling Upholstery Art with traditional upholstery techniques,

we breathe new life and soul into restored furnishings.

Inspired by nature and personal narratives, each piece is carefully handcrafted to be

aesthetically captivating, comfortable and kind to the planet.

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Gloriously fibre rich cushions are now available for custom orders!

Get in touch to start the design process for your very own fibre art cushion, made especially for you and your space.


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Our scheduled in person workshops have (for now) come to an end, however we have a range of self paced online workshops to keep your creativity buzzing.

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For those wanting to create a beautiful creative experience for you and your friends, get in touch to talk about private workshop opportunities.

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Current Collaborations

Kerri is once again collaborating with award-winning Fibre Artist, Zetta Kanta, on a new furniture design project focused on luxe eco-fibres.

The pair will apply their unique skill sets and years of mastery to venture into an unknown territory of Upholstery Art. In documentary style instalments, Kerri and Zetta will reupholster two modern lounge chairs using eco-dyed materials.

Using Romney sheep wool and cotton ropes together with dried eucalyptus leaves - to extract the natural colour - they'll create masterpieces not yet done at such scale.

They'll be sharing the artistic process including the triumphs an lessons (something most artists keep private), with the belief that 'we can all learn from each other'.

Be sure to look up #romneyandquinn on Facebook or Instagram to see the progress made on this exciting project thus far!

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Taggerty, Victoria, Australia

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