Autumn was crafted to demonstrate the possibilities of adopting an environmentally conscious approach to upholstery and making magic! She’s a 100% biodegradable fluted-back ‘Love Seat’, and she’s gorgeous.

Autumn was made from the internal build of the original sofa, combining traditional upholstery techniques with coconut fibre, hessian, jute, flax twine and cotton. Her vibrant refurbished glow is thanks to a linseed oil timber treatment. The sofa fabric and woven panel were created using 100% compostable wool fabric (with non-metallic dyes) and all natural fibres: cotton, hemp, linen, jute, alpaca, mohair, wool, raffia, hessian and coconut.


She’s the chair you want to nestle in at sundown with a cuppa and your loved one. 

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Taggerty, Victoria, Australia

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